The Partner Ecosystem Pledge

Life’s too short to work for a leader who doesn’t believe in partnerships.

That’s why PartnerHacker created the Partner Ecosystem Pledge - THE statement of executive support towards partnerships within their organization.

If you’re a CEO and you landed here, sign the document below to take the pledge.

This pledge includes three primary commitments:

  1. To deliver value through partners
  2. To make partners a top three executive priority
  3. To include partners in decision-making and communications

When top VCs like Bessemer, OpenView, and A16z (AKA the people with the $) start saying an ecosystem strategy is table stakes? You best get your strategy in gear for partnerships.

A deep commitment to partnerships means:

  • More client success
  • More brand power
  • Larger deals
  • Faster sales cycles
  • Higher lifetime value of clients
  • Happier employees
  • Exponential growth effects

(If you’re a partnerships professional looking to work with one of the pledged companies, let us know.)

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