PL[X] 2022 - Day 2: Partner Led [Product]

Recordings from Day 2 of PL[X] are below.

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Your guide to the future of building partner led products begins NOW.
How to determine the best evolution of your solution and how to leverage partnerships to accelerate product value.
Leveraging the power of your ecosystem partners to validate customer feature requests.
Building a scalable integration strategy with Brandon Foo of Paragon.
Learn how to get your partner co-solutions to market 6x faster.
You need to treat your PRM like a Product. Because it is. And that means Product needs to be involved.
How to take your product roadmapping and innovation strategy to the next level through greater efficiency, transparency, and exponentially impacting the feedback flywheel.
In this panel learn from highly aligned product and partner orgs on how they utilize their partner ecosystem to drive new integrations, platform capabilities, and world-class customer experiences.
Leaning into digital selling, marketplaces, consumption pricing & PLG.
The 3 Building Blocks To Distributing Through Cloud Marketplaces.
Not all integrations are created equal, and not all products are platforms. In this session, learn from some of the best partner product leaders as they unpack what every partner and product professional needs to know about partnering for product integration success.
Joe Kevens and Adam Schoenfeld discuss
The best partner led product leaders are tapping into the power of the ecosystem. Partner led product leaders think about designing their products in a way that integrates seamlessly into their partner's workflows.
The stories of the SalesForce and HubSpot platforms are two of the most important in the history of all SaaS. What does it take to win inside these platforms as a product or build your own?
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