PL[X] 2022- Day 4: Partner Led [Sales]

Recordings from Day 4 of PL[X] are below.

View the other days here:

Your guide to the future of partner led sales begins NOW.
Join two of the most influential sales analysts of ALL TIME to kick off the future of selling. A must attend event for all sales practitioners to partner pros to CROs.
Leveraging the power of your network to close deals.
How tapping into fundamental human behaviors is a necessary function for revenue growth in a modern B2B era - through connection, giving, and your network.
Learn how to automate and simplify co-selling with your partners between any CRM.
Accelerating partner revenue - the sales enablement paradox.
How co-sell and marketplaces make magic happen.
Understand why sales is harder, and how to navigate through the cold.
In this new era, we have to redefine what it means to sell product for a company. GTM? GTE?
First time co-selling need to knows for selling with partners
Not hitting your 2022 revenue goals? Tap into this budget.
Solving the biggest barriers for sellers - not knowing where to go and when.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator changed the game for millions of sellers. What if instead of going alone to all those targeted accounts, you could go together?
Learn how to turn a skeptical sales team into the biggest advocates for leveraging the partner ecosystem to drive deals and retain clients.
ABC. Always Be Co-selling. These sales leaders are paving the way for a collaborative sales future.
A LinkedIn TOP Voice for Sales for three years running, Morgan Ingram faces off against the OG PartnerHacker & Author of “Trust is the New Data,” Jared Fuller for a battle of sales vs. partnerships that will define the next decade of GTM.
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