PL[X] 2022 - Day 5: Partner Led [Success]

Recordings from Day 5 of PL[X] are below.

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Your guide to the future of partner led customer success begins NOW.
Partner programs that originate solely from the sales department are doomed from jump street. Instead, the world's leading companies align their ecosystems to customer success organization to enable partners to drive incredible results first. And then leads follow.
How to deliver more success to your clients, so they get more out of your platform.
Justin Gray has worked with thousands of partnerships deals with or on behalf of CS teams. What can CS orgs learn from thousands of implementations?
Killing channel conflict is often thought of as a sales problem. But the reality is most channel conflict arises at the professional services level in the Enterprise. How can CS & PS orgs partner to serve up customer experiences that win with system's integrators and professional services firms?
Customer success teams typically aren’t SMEs - your partners are.
Partnerships cares about referrals, and Customer Success cares about net retention. Here’s a strategy that hits on both goals —- take those churn-risk customers who need extra support, and turn them into referrals for partners who can provide that extra support. A win for your teams, a win for your partners, and a win for your customers!
How partnerships can expand net dollar retention.
First time co-servicing need to knows for servicing with partners.
What Customer Success means in the Cloud GTM era: extending beyond the platform and into your business.
Co-retention and what the GoToEco models means for Success teams.
There are hundred of thousands of agencies and professional services firms in the US alone. And yet, few software companies figure out how to align their Customer Success organizations to these pre-existing relationships with their customers. What happens when you partner up for customer success?
Success is a team game. These leaders have tapped the power of the ecosystem to deliver stellar results.
Sam Jacobs, the CEO of Pavilion talks about his upcoming book “Kind Folks Finish First.” And why a transactional mindset is a fast way to finish last.
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