Selling Together #10: Close More Deals With The Secret Partner Sauce

Happy Wednesday!

In 5 minutes MAX you’ll get:

→ Why you should be a "homie"

→ Why partnerships are your secret sauce to closing more deals

→ How to use AI as a seller

Be a homie

Homie (noun)

"Someone who gives more than they take."
- Jared Robin, Co-Founder of RevGenius

Partnerships are your secret sauce

People buy from people. Sellers know this.

But if you try to scale 1-1 relationships, it doesn't work.

Fostering trust is hard and time-consuming.

That's where partnerships come in!

Partnerships are the evolution of the "people buy from people" maxim.

Instead of needing to foster 1-1 trust, you can borrow the trust others foster.

As Nick Reed Smith shared in Episode 5, "Trust is either built or borrowed."

Borrow the trust your partners have fostered, and close more deals.

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How to use AI as a Seller

You won't be replaced by AI. You'll be replaced by a person using AI.

There's obviously a lot of chatter, suggestions, and a healthy amount of skepticism around AI but the reality is that the right tool in the right hands can yield unparalleled productivity.

I did some digging and found that the collective mind of sales geniuses (which I'm sure includes many of you) are coming up with incredible ways to increase sales performance using these kinds of tools.

Here's a great resource I came across:

Chat GPT For B2B Sales & Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide - Expandi
Maximize your B2B sales and lead generation with ChatGPT. Learn from proven prompts and examples to get the best response in this ultimate guide.

It gives you a run-down on how to use ChatGPT at each stage of the sales function, including lead generation, and both inbound and outbound activities.

A couple of examples include: using GPT to write highly personalized content and using it to work on your objective handling through roleplay scenarios.

I hope you dig in and learn to leverage AI in a way that works best for you.

P.S. If you do, I'd love to know! Tag me on LinkedIn and share how you're using ChatGPT.

Until next time!

-Jessie Shipman

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