Selling Together #16: Buyers Want Nearbound

Happy Wednesday!

In 5 minutes MAX you’ll get:

→ Why partnering starts with customers

→ How and why you should lead partner-centric sellers

→ Why I'm betting on Nearbound Sales

Customers want partners

Everything drives from the customer. The way that we got into being a partner first organization came from our customers. It didn't come from some closed boardroom, or some 10k report about the best macro trend.
- Sean Adams, Head of Sales & Partnerships at iorad

Leading partner-centric sellers

Building a force of partner-centric sellers is achievable.

Here's what it takes:

  1. Stress quota retirement
  2. Encourage a journalistic-level curiosity
  3. Find and educate where there are complements

Sean gave an example with his company, iorad.

Through customer insights, the team realized there was more demand for their customers to be purchasing them.

The problem wasn't the product or the market. It was educational.

So they began with a different approach.

Instead of offering a new contract, they'd find partners within their customers' tech stack. Sean explained,

it was so much simpler for us to transition to, 'here, we can just bolt this onto the contract you have over there.'

It was life-changing for the sellers AND customers!

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Let the buyers guide you

While I was talking to Sean the only thing I could think was, this is how buyers want to buy!

Ease. Experience. More for less. Trust.

It might be hard for you to imagine years of sales culture changing but Sales is bigger than the "sales culture" we've gotten used to.

Think about it, a sale is just a transaction or an exchange. And sellers are people who facilitate those transactions.

Sales culture, on the other hand, is how we've gotten used to selling. It's our playbooks, tactics, and methods.

Sales and partnerships are pre-historic. 2023 sales culture is not.

The more CROs I'm talking to, the more I hear that customers want to be sold to differently.

That's why I'm betting on Nearbound Sales.

-Jessie Shipman

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