Shopify Invests $100M in B2B SaaS Co Klaviyo

Shopify bet big on Klaviyo with a $100M strategic investment.

Since becoming a part of the Shopify ecosystem in 2017, Klaviyo has become a top solution, and Shopify sees massive upside in strengthening that relationship.

“Klaviyo has become invaluable to hundreds of thousands of merchants to help them better understand their customers and engage them in highly personalized ways across so many touchpoints.”

Shopify will now recommend Klaviyo to merchants on the premium plan, and will grant Klaviyo early access to in-development Shopify features.

Ed Hallen, Co-Founder and CPO, explained, “We're entering into a new era of ecommerce - a shift toward consumer privacy and stronger digital relationships.”

A $100M investment might be the largest investment by a public SaaS company into a VC backed SaaS startup.

All built on a partnership.

Klaviyo and Shopify Announce Strategic Partnership  - Klaviyo
Company also further expands investment in the partner ecosystem by adding partnership with Upwork and new product integrations with Zendesk. Inc., Narvar, Rebuy, and Shopware – built by Overdose. Digital
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