Forrester Predicts Ecosystem to Replace Channel and More

A roundup of partner ecosystem news.

Spotify Making Acquisitions to Increase Trust

Having grown into a platform with enormous content, Spotify faces a new challenge: moderating content on its platform. It is especially difficult when most of Spotify's content consists of audio and video.

The problem has become so large that Spotify acquired Kinzen to help with the task.

Kinzen specializes in staying ahead of threats such as dangerous misinformation, hateful content, violent content, violent extremism, and dangerous organizations. Spotify needed the help of a third party they could trust.

In an era when online data has become ubiquitous, the need for filtering, curating, and moderating content is more critical than ever. But it requires trust.

With the abundance of data, trust is more important than ever.

HubSpot Partners with ClickUp

Integrations and interoperability are more important than ever. Customers demand their tools to work within their natural rhythm of the day.

On November 16th, HubSpot announced that it will partner with the workplace productivity and task management software ClickUp.

HubSpot's integration with ClickUp will allow customers to be more productive at work. For example, after a deal goes through in HubSpot, it can automatically trigger a ClickUp project assigned to the proper staff for follow-up.

Why Integrated Productivity Tools Matter for the Future of Work, According to HubSpot’s CMO [+ Announcing an Exciting Partnership]
Learn why HubSpot’s CMO believes it’s more essential than ever for your teams to use powerful technology to remain connected, in-sync, and effective.

Forrester Predictions for 2023

Concerns about economic instability are pushing more B2B companies to pursue more predictable growth strategies.

Forrester recommends organizations tighten the alignment between marketing and customer success and proactively measure customer success scores.

As uncertainty increases, more organizations will look to cross-selling strategies to increase revenue.

Here are a few other predictions from Forrester:

  • Three times as many CMOs will make customer health a top priority.
  • The number of demand teams reporting into sales will jump to 20%.
  • Over 40% of B2B organizations will say goodbye to their channel marketing function (and instead focus on their ecosystem development).

Check out the full article here:

Predictions 2023: Winning B2B Organizations Refocus Around The Customer
As B2B companies look to minimize risk, those that orient their strategies and operations around customer needs will come out ahead.
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