Introducing: The Partner Ecosystem Roadmap

For the first time ever, our Chief Ecosystem Officer Jared Fuller released his Partner Ecosystem Roadmap at the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff Event.

In the roadmap, Jared shared how he maps partnerships across all departments.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to visualize your next steps. The roadmap allows you to take a broad view but also zoom in when needed.

Screenshot. The Partner Ecosystem Roadmap.
Jared demoing The Partner Ecosystem Roadmap. Download the template on Miro.

As Jared unveiled the roadmap, the comments in the chat started blowing up. People are clearly hungry for actionable, editable, customizable content!

Screeshot of chat comments at the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff
Love seeing all the energy for new tools and visualizations!

Dive into the roadmap for yourself, totally free and ungated:

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