Just Released: The PartnerHacker Handbook

This book is the best I've seen yet for helping SaaS companies figure out how to scale up revenue quickly and cost effectively by putting partners first. – Pete Caputa, CEO of Databox

Today, we are proud to announce the release of The PartnerHacker Handbook. The handbook is the first of its kind. It was created as a go-to resource to help you better understand the Partnerships Moment.

True to our mission, we partnered with some of the most influential thought leaders in the partnerships ecosystem to write this book. Contributors include: Allan Adler, our CEO Jared Fuller, Jay McBain, and Jessie Shipman, to name a few.

The book cuts through the clutter, filtering the noise so that you can understand the Era of Ecosystems.

The handbook sets forth the first principles of partnerships. It gives a bird's eye view of a new era.

We are just beginning the walk into a new era. We wanted to be the first to produce a book that you could trust. The book will deepen your understanding of what it means to be living through the paradigm shift that will be known as the Partnerships Moment.

Pick up your copy today by clicking here.

Image for PartnerHacker Handbook: forest grass wildlife with captions, The PartnerHacker Handbook; an anthology on ecosystems
Click here to download the PDF or get a paperback to add to your bookshelf!

Prefer to listen? Check out the text-to-speech version of the handbook on Spotify.

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