A Sneak Peek at the State of the Partner Ecosystem in 2023

Every year Crossbeam reaches out to partner pros and asks them about the state of the partnership ecosystem. They publish the findings in their State of the Partner Ecosystem Report.

This year we got a sneak peek at some of the most interesting findings about the state of the ecosystem.

Here are a few stats that will blow your mind:

  • Ecosystem-led growth strategies are more common and 84% of respondents feel supported by their companies.
  • Revenue is king. Partner-sourced revenue returns as the most popular KPI.
  • The average US partnerships salary increased by $18K to $195K — the largest leap since they began tracking.
  • Integration users are 58% less likely to churn because of partnerships.
  • Deals close 46% faster when a partner is involved.
  • Deals are 53% more likely to close when a partner is involved.

Here are some other stats partner pros will want to know:

The Market

While respondents were slightly pessimistic about the economy in general, most partner pros said they felt supported by their company.


The U.S. had the highest annual compensation of $195K for partner pros. That's up from $177K in 2021.

Partner compensation chart from state of the ecosystem report

Ecosystem Ops

Most partner teams have two to five people, but as a company grows to over 250 employees, the partnership team starts to grow.

KPIs & Benchmarks

Partner source revenue is the most common KPI, while partner influence revenue remains a popular KPI, with about 54% of partner pros measuring it.

Looking for more stats? Join the Grand Release of the State of the Partner Ecosystem report - February 14th, 2023

There's much more to this report. The report includes stats such as hours worked, the number of years worked at a company, remote vs. in-office work, and the Big Movers that significantly shifted the data this year.

Check it out tomorrow at The State of the Partner Ecosystem webinar.

State of the partner ecosystem report 2023
Join Bob Moore and Sean Blanda tomorrow for The Grand Release of the state of the Partner Ecosystem Report!

*Don't have time to make it to tomorrow's webinar? Go here to download the report when it's released.

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