Think Like a CRO and Leverage Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to Drive Partner Revenue

  • Do you have a list of top prospects, or target accounts, that overlap with your partners’ customers?
  • Do you have joint solutions, use cases, and collateral, and have closed ‘joint products’ deals with your most important ICPs?
  • Do you have a way of running Account Based Marketing to sell joint solutions that can produce a Demand Waterfall, like the one below, measuring progress from active, engaged, qualified through to closed/won?
Scaled ABM Program Waterfall

Running ABM campaigns

If you are running these sorts of ABM campaigns with partners, you are thinking like a CRO and are likely to get funding to continue delivering similar outcomes - as long as they improve on the alternative GTM programs that your CRO is already funding.

Here are some of the outcomes you can achieve by running ABM campaigns based on better-together stories:

  • Case Study 1: 400% increase in ARR with 5x increase in sales qualified pipeline.
  • Case Study 2: 30% increase in ARR with 3x increase in sales qualified pipeline.
  • Case Study 3: 75% closed/won sales qualified opportunities with a 22% increase in free trial activations to premium.

If you aren’t taking this approach, you’re leaving money on the table.  

But getting started is easy.  Many of the prerequisites for the success of such an approach are probably already in place in your organization:

  • Most B2B SaaS companies have dozens or more integrations.
  • Many of these integrations have been deployed and can be easily productized.
  • Many of these solutions include customer stories that articulate better-together use cases and business outcomes.
  • Many of these solutions have proper messaging and marketing collateral that can be leveraged into campaigns.

What you need to get started

The only thing that the CRO needs to fund and ignite your GoToEco Engine is:

  1. A Business case and an SLA that delivers either net new logos, increases in NRR, or both. ABM marketing partner joint solutions to each partner’s customer base do all of this.
  2. An ROI model that shows that campaigning around partner joint solutions is more Efficient, Predictable, and Scalable than his/her direct GTM.
  3. Efficient: 70% higher conversion of deals that close twice as fast and are ⅓ larger
  4. Predictable: 86% of B2B customers want to start their buyers' journey within their ecosystem
  5. Scalable: once you start a pilot do ABM Joint Solutions, you can easily 2x then 5x your program.
  6. A Pilot Program that specifies which partners, which joint solutions, which accounts, ABM plan, program management, and reporting.

You’ll also want to show case studies and proof points of where this has been done successfully.

The program might look something like the image below.

GoToEco Engine infograph

If your marketing organization is already doing ABM, you can light up a GoToEco Engine to drive these results in-house, or you can look to an agency that has done this before.  Either way, you have a compelling story to deliver to your CRO to help drive net new logos and NRR growth; tell the story, and have them show you the money.

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