PartnerHacker Principles: Trust Is the New Data - with Jessie Shipman

Today, we're kicking off a series of interviews where we dive deep into each of the PartnerHacker Principles to discover what it means to put them into practice. We've partnered up by reaching out to the ecosystem to learn from those who are practicing these principles.  

Jessie Shipman has been living out the first principle, Trust is the New Data, while she builds her business, Fluincy.

Trust is the first principle in business

Customers are sick of being sold to. They are tired of being shoved into marketing funnels and getting senseless ads.

As customers, we want to buy from people we can trust, not someone trying to make a sale. Data and automation helped create marketing efficiencies, but in the process, trust was lost.

Jessie seeks to put the principle of trust at the forefront of her business. That means being genuine. The truly amazing companies make us feel like we are more than a data point. That's how you cultivate trust.

Jessie Shipman on how creating trust means treating others as you'd like to be treated.

Courage to play the long game

It takes more than intelligence to implement trust. It takes courage. You need to be bold to play the long game. And that is why trust is so valuable.

Building trust isn't about notching a quick win. It's about building a winning machine. This takes time and trust.

Jessie Shipman on the courage to play the long game. 

Trust at scale

Everyone in B2B SaaS wants to know:

Yeah, but does it scale?

Yes, it scales. Trust is the only way to keep your customers in the long run.

Trust builds lifetime value. Building trust is more humane. And human connection is woefully underleveraged in business.

Listen below as Jessie helps us understand how rising customer acquisition cost means that building trust is more important than ever.

Jessie Shipman on why trust builds a longer lifetime value.
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