Two Big Partnerships Bombs Dropped at PL[X]!

We had two big partnership announcements drop yesterday at PL[X]!

Reveal + PartnerStack Integration

Bryn Jones' of PartnerStack shared that PartnerStack will be integrating with Reveal!

The integration will help customers sync their account mapping data from Reveal to Partner Stack. Getting account mapping data from Reveal into Partner Stack is a crucial part of building a robust ecosystem.

One of the most common questions we hear from prospects and new customers is: ‘Do you integrate with Reveal?’  – Bryn Jones, co-founder and CEO of PartnerStack.

The partnership will allow more opportunities for partners to share high-value leads and to track the attribution of those customers.

Take a peek at the integration below:

Tackle + CORE Consulting

During a presentation about building your Cloud GTM flywheel, John Jahnke unveiled that Tackle has acquired CORE Consulting.

Cloud Marketplaces and co-sell have become the center of how ISVs go-to-market with the Cloud Providers. – John Jahnke, CEO of Tackle.

Tackle sees the partnership as a strategic way to leverage their co-selling through marketplaces. Tackle hopes to accelerate its Cloud GTM Flywheel and drive revenue growth by tapping into CORE Consulting's specialized knowledge in co-selling.

Congratulations on the partnerships 🎉!

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