What Agencies Want (Hint: It's not Revenue Share)

Captioned image: what agencies want, hint it's not revenue share. Sept 22, 2 PM ET
First Friday has been stolen by Third Thursday this month. Join us!

This month's First Friday is happening on a Third Thursday due to the holiday weekend, and it's a big one!

We've teamed up with PartnerPage.io to focus on what agencies want. It's easy for a partner manager to imagine the most important elements of a partner program, and come up with processes and rewards for agencies from on high.

But getting down into the trenches with agencies and other service partners is the best way to understand what actually helps them, and in turn, what will motivate them to help you!

It's gonna be a banger, so bring your drink of choice and imbibe some learnings as a chaser.

Check out the schedule…

2:00 - Welcome to the Third Thursday Party
2:05 - What do you want, agencies?
2:35 - What do you give to your agencies?
3:00 - Close it out!

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