WhatsApp to Partner with Salesforce

More and more people prefer to communicate with businesses over text. That's why we launched our Cloud API earlier this year and are now partnering with Salesforce. - Mark Zuckerberg

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg expects that WhatsApp's partnership with Salesforce (the world's largest CRM), will allow businesses to communicate with customers on a platform that feels natural to them.

The program will initially be rolled out to the L’Oréal group. They will be able to chat with customers, offer coupons, and send reminders about items left in shopping carts.

Mark Zuckerberg announces new partnership with Salesforce
As part of the pilot for the integration, LOréal group brands will use WhatsApp.

Nvidia partners with PassiveLogic

The startup PassiveLogic secures a deal with Nvidia for $15M. PassiveLogic uses sensors and software on devices to create 3D models of buildings. Building data is then connected to the cloud, where it can be managed for things like energy, logistics, and supply chains.

Building control startup PassiveLogic inks partnership with Nvidia, secures $15M
PassiveLogic has raised $15 million from Nvidia’s corporate venture arm as part of a strategic partnership with the company.

The ecosystem encroaches on Partner Ops

The analyst firm Canalys recently released their 2022 Channels Ecosystem Landscape. The report shows a 169% in the ecosystem landscape since 2017.

Jay McBain of Canalys estimates that the space will continue to grow another 128% by 2027.

Partner Ops is one aspect of the growing B2B SaaS ecosystem. As the ecosystem grows, it encroaches on every aspect of the business. The ecosystem approach unlocks new levels of value previously untapped in B2B SaaS.

Take a look at the report for yourself.

Channel, partner, and ecosystem tech is one of the hottest categories in martech today
Jay McBain, formerly of Forrester and now with tech analyst firm Canalys, is the world’s leading expert in partner, channel, and ecosystem technology. Where I’ve gone broad with the martech landscape, Jay has gone deep with his own ecosystem tech landscape. He recently released his 2022 Channels Eco…
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