WorkSpan Raises $30M Series C

"Amit and I started WorkSpan in 2014 with the idea that companies need a digital set of tools so that they could work with partners in their ecosystem better than they could in the past... It has grown so much that it is now a full-fledged software category." – Mayank Bawa

In 2014, partnerships were an extension of direct sales. But with the increasing shift to the cloud, Mayank Bawa and Amit Sinha saw an opportunity to grow the future of partnering.

Their vision: Make partnerships an engine for growth.

They created WorkSpan to bring their vision of partnerships at scale into reality.

Today, they announced raising $30 Million in Series C funding. They plan to pour all $30 million back into the company to drive growth and provide better services for their customers.

The round was led by visionary investor Ganesh Bell, Managing Director at Insight Partners with participation from Mayfield and M12, Microsoft’s venture fund.

Amit and Mayank built WorkSpan from the bottom up with partnerships in mind. They are the only platform that is pre-integrated with Microsoft Partner Center and AWS ACE systems for co-selling. Customers can use WorkSpan to co-build, co-market, and co-sell, directly from their CRMs.

WorkSpan fills a massive need in the partnerships ecosystem. For example, they are managing $50 billion dollars in their co-selling pipeline alone.

For those who are still unsure if the decade of the ecosystem is upon us, they need to look no further than WorkSpan.

Congratulations, WorkSpan on this partnerships moment 🎉!

Happy partnering!

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