The Most Valuable Digital Real Estate is Now Covered in Partners

The average time spent in virtual meetings is now 21.5 hrs per week. And Zoom is used more than any other video platform.

That makes Zoom's meeting screen seriously valuable real estate.

Now partners are front-and-center in that real estate.

If you've opened the Zoom app lately, you'll notice an Apps section full of partner logos. Kahoot!, Miro, Prezi Video, Sesh, and Calm are among those prominently displayed onscreen.

Screenshot of Zoom essentail apps.
Greetings! Curated partner apps are now part of the Zoom experience.

The integrations let you launch your favorite tools without having to switch to a new app. Zoom is making it easy to use productivity tools within its own interface.

This is a HUGE signal for partnerships. Jay McBain of Canalys has been calling the 2020s the decade of the ecosystem, and this is just another example of how that prediction is coming true.

Zoom is giving its most valuable real estate to partners. They understand the need to surround their product with an ecosystem!

Jared Fuller showing partner logos in zoom UI
Partnerships rule the landscape in 2023!

Expect to see more products and platforms putting partners right up front, signaling to customers that they aren't just getting a tool, but an ecosystem.

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