Content Guidelines for Guest Op-Eds on PartnerHacker

  • ~700-1,200 word target. But content is more important than length.
  • The audience is partner leaders at B2B SaaS companies, partner agencies, marketers, salespeople, founders, and C-suite interested in how partnerships can help them grow.
  • High level. More than nuts and bolts.
  • Larger trends, first principles, and how your topic fits.
  • Can allude to or link to more tactical stuff for those interested, but stay out of the weeds.
  • Not an advertisement, but you can mention your company/product if relevant to the topic.
  • Feel free to use personal stories/data.
  • ALL stats/data must link to a source.
  • Submit the draft as an editable Google doc.
  • Include a headshot, a short bio, and a link to a relevant social platform where readers can find you.
  • You may repost the article to your own website/blog so long as you link back to the original article on PartnerHacker, and use a canonical tag in your header.
  • If significant changes are made, PartnerHacker will share the edits with you for final approval before publishing.
  • Start by submitting your article here, we look forward to reading it!

If you want to learn more about our approach to content, you can read this short article.

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