Forget Employee Advocacy (Do This Instead)

Hey Marketers!

This week, I had the opportunity to talk with Zoë Hartsfield, Head of Marketing at Swantide.

Zoe gets extremely tactical about taking over LinkedIn by getting your employees to expand your reach much more than you could alone.

Here's a bit of what we cover:

→ How to create lightning-strike moments on social media with your employees

→ How to get your employees active on LinkedIn

→ How to market with your employees

🎨 Flood LinkedIn with company colors

Using employees to help market on social media meme.
I tell my team, we're gonna paint 🖌️ LinkedIn with our company colors. Everybody gets hyped up about it. I send out calendar invites to everyone so that every 30 minutes, we've got a batch of 3-4 people posting on social media. – Zoë Hartsfield

How to get your employees to take over LinkedIn

  1. Create templates for every employee, but ask them to customize a few variables and upload a photo
  2. Once a template is used, cross it out so it doesn't get used again
  3. Send out calendar invites so employees know when to post
  4. Drop links on each other's posts
  5. Compensate employees who post with SPIFFs like cash, coffee, or gift cards
  6. Finally – make it easy and fun for employees to post

Watch or listen to the full episode

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This episode was 🔥🔥🔥 (if I do say so myself)

My episode with Zoë was the longest I've recorded so far at 43 min.

I couldn't help but ask Zoë more questions.

She had so many tactical strategies to get your brand to take over LinkedIn by partnering up with your employees.

And the cost: ZERO (well, almost zero).

Let that sink in.

Your most valuable marketing strategy is right in front of you.

Offer employees money, gift cards, praise 🙌, or other incentives to get them posting.

The reach you gain by using your employee's network is off the charts 📈.

Get your team to invest in it now.

(What do you think? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn and tag me!)

Until next time,

-Logan Lyles

P.S. If you want to, share the episode with your teammates and stakeholders!

P.P.S. Did you like the tactics in this episode? Check out my past episode with Gaetano Nino DiNardi to get a ton of tactics on using video to get engagement on social media.

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