The 3 Marketer Personas Of the Future

Hey Marketers!

Today, I am going solo!

solo meme
Hey, it's okay to go solo 🤣!

That's right; I'm mixing it up with some predictions that I have for the future of marketing.

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Big hiring changes are coming to marketing

Marketing is changing.

And three specific personas rise to the top of my mind that I believe will be at the top of every marketing team's hiring list.

My hunch could be wrong, but…

I think marketing teams will start hiring these 3 personas more & more:

1) Journalists

They already know how to tell stories and how to *find* them. (We often overlook the latter in B2B)

Also, many journalists will start to realize they can do very similar work in B2B marketing for a lot better pay. 💵

2) Buyers

People who have sat in the buyers’ seat each marketing team is trying to reach.

I see marketing leaders reaching into the market they serve and bringing those people formally into their marketing efforts by adding them to their teams.

3) Content Creators

Creators who've built audiences in a target market the marketing team is trying to reach will be top of the list.

Historically all 3 of these personas have been valued (to some degree) by B2B marketing teams but more from an outside perspective and one-off collaborations: press releases, expert panels, and affiliate campaigns.

But, as some real-life examples are starting to show, bringing those people and skill sets INTO marketing orgs can have a big impact.

Which persona do you think we will see marketing teams hiring most often?

Share your thoughts on LinkedIn.

-Logan Lyles

P.S. If you want to, share the episode with your teammates and stakeholders!

P.P.S. Check out my episode with Brandon Redlinger, where we discuss this topic in depth.

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