Marketing Together #22: Trust + Scale - Where Partnerships & Marketing Come Together

Hey Marketers!

By now, you know that when you market together, you go further, faster.

In today's podcast, Tyler Calder and I hit on this theme.

Tyler takes a careful, calculated approach to marketing, and he tests everything.

Then, he iterates based on the feedback.

The interesting thing that I see is some of those are marketing people grabbing partnership budget. So they're sitting in the marketing seat, and they're like, "Hey, I think there's something here with this partnerships thing. — Tyler Calder, CMO at PartnerStack

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Iterate in sprints

When Tyler is testing out his partner-led marketing efforts, he tests in sprints.

He'll devote a few weeks to one tactic, then measure to see if it worked.

And it doesn't always work.

Sometimes you need to have tough conversations and let your partners know it's not working.

But most of the time, partner-led marketing blows everything else out of the water 🌊.

Let me know what you think

You know where I stand on taking a partner-led approach to marketing.

But I want to hear your feedback.

What do you think are its strengths and weaknesses?

Hit me up on LinkedIn and let me know.

Until next time!

-Logan Lyles

P.S. You might recall Jen Spencer from episode 10 of Marketing Together. Jen is a huge fan of partner-led marketing and shared the 3 dos and don'ts of partner-led marketing. If you didn't get a chance to check it out, listen here:

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