Partner Led [Everything] Starts at Home

Partner leaders are constantly hyping up the value of marketing together, selling together, and innovating together, but are they living out the partner principles in their own org?

So often, I see a podcast from a company I love in which the CEO fails to share it on his LinkedIn page. And the employees fail to share cool things happening in the company they work for.


If you believe that partnerships are the best path forward – start by partnering with your employees. Get your CEO to share his own podcast and help foster a culture of employees sharing company updates on LinkedIn.

We all know the LinkedIn algo favors people over company pages. So partner up with your people to get your message out there.

Show me that you value partnerships, don't just tell me about it!

By getting your employees to market, sell, and create, the partner led way, you'll be helping your partner led efforts. 

For example, if your company has a podcast, your marketing, revenue, and customer support teams should be leveraging the content and posting it to their social channels.

Podcasts provide content, thought leadership, and industry quotes that move employees away from "I don't want to just talk about my company with case studies, white paper, and events," into, "I get to share thought leadership and quotes from industry professionals that others are interested in."

Here are a few more reasons why B2B needs to partner up internally first:

Building brand awareness

Employees sharing positive messages and content can help increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. The more your brand is known, the less time is spent educating who the company is. The more doors can open for partnerships.

Improving customer experience

By sharing content and information that is relevant and useful to customers,
employees can help to improve the overall customer experience. They'll build trust and credibility with their customers—continue to demonstrate value, provide helpful information, and strengthen long-term relationships.

Generating leads

Employees sharing content and information can attract the attention of potential customers and lead to new business opportunities. First-degree connections engage, opening the door for their network and other contacts who may be viable customers.

It creates a one-to-many conversation instead of the one-to-one typically reserved for emails and DMs.

Creating community

People want to work with real people who assist & aid their lives. We can build empathy, understanding, and community by sharing articles, relevant content, and more with our social network.

Recruiting and retaining talent

Having employees post jobs for the company on their social helps increase visibility, gain access to a larger pool of candidates, enhance employer branding, and increase employee engagement.

Bring partnering home

Regardless of your company size, you should find a way to get employees onboard, and working together. Partnerships isn't a department, it is a strategy that you can use to level up your entire org. And it starts by partnering within your org.

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