Alibaba Announces Big Investment in Partner Ecosystem

Partners have always been a key focus for Alibaba Cloud, and we are committed to providing them with strong support, both technologically and commercially. – Selian Yuan, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International President

Alibaba Cloud says it will be investing $1 billion in upgrading its partner ecosystem. As the economy takes a downturn, Alibaba hopes the additional investment into the partnerships ecosystem will create a boon for innovation.

Alibaba Cloud Announces $1 Billion Investment For Global Partner Ecosystem Upgrade
The funding will help Alibaba’s partners on innovating its technology.

Walmart partners with social media

Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z and millennials make purchases on social media. Walmart hopes to capture a portion of those sales by partnering with TikTok, Snapchat, Firework, TalkShopLive, and Roku.

Walmart says the partnerships are part of its commitment to innovation and experimentation.

Walmart Connect Announces Innovation Partner Program With TikTok, Snapchat, Firework, TalkShopLive and Roku
Consumers who turned to online shopping during the pandemic have chosen to stay there, with those returning to in-store relying on online research to guide their decisions. Consumers realized the importance of “connection” and were forced to adapt and connect in new ways including social feeds,…
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