Co-Marketing Gets a Boost with Launch of Colaboratory

This is a big one!

Here at PartnerHacker we've been talking a lot about the coming explosion of partner marketing, both in strategies and tools.

Well here's a new company that just sprung out of the High Alpha venture studio to make it easier for brands to go to market together.

CEO Scott Moore said,

“With today’s digital marketing, it has never been easier to target consumers. I’m getting 100% of the messages I’m supposed to. But they just aren't breaking through,”

Sound familiar?

Moore continued,

Collabs are inherently engaging, radically different and result in outsized returns. Our platform is built to make these collabs more strategic, effective and easier to execute.”

The current focus of the platform seems to be B2C brands, but B2B is never far behind.

Why market alone when you can do it better together?

Colaboratory Bets on Brand x Brand “Collabs” to Cut Through Digital Clutter | Blog
With early adoption from brands like Fanatics, Great Clips and Big Brother Big Sisters of America, the new Colaboratory platform helps brands grow faster by creating, activating and optimizing brand x brand partnerships and collaborations.
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