'Ecosystem Week' Largest Ever B2B SaaS Partnerships Event

A four-person startup just pulled off the largest B2B SaaS partnership event ever, garnering over 1,500 registrants.

How? They didn't go solo. They partnered up.

PartnerHacker teamed with PartnerStack (G2's #1 Ecosystem Platform and #1 PRM) to host Ecosystem Week 2022, a four-day event around the question, "WTF is an ecosystem?"

Partner professionals from across the world gathered to hear some of the top minds in partnerships - Jill Rowley, Tiffani Bova, Jay McBain, Allan Adler, Pete Caputa, Avanish Sahai, Ty Lingley, Bobby Napiltonia, and Scott Brinker.

How'd they pull off such a big turnout?

Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys, said,

A very crafty use of influencers and superconnectors. Don’t minimize the power of community, whether you have 4 people or 4,000.

PartnerHacker Co-Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer, Jared Fuller said,

The 1500+ person turnout has nothing to do with me or my team and everything to do with partner ecosystems, trust, and the fact that the time for this message has come.

PartnerStack and PartnerHacker were thrilled with the turnout and credited it to collaborating with a strong partner marketing play. Tyler Calder, Chief Marketing Officer at PartnerStack, said,

The success of this event is proof that together is better. Neither PartnerStack nor PartnerHacker could have pulled this off as two separate startups, and it certainly would not have happened without the community. We thought about what marketing looks like in an ecosystem world, and this is what it looks like.... everyone winning, everyone getting value.

Demand from attendees for B2B SaaS partnerships content was high.

Looking forward to pausing, playing, rewinding, and playing again when the on demand comes out. - Jessie Shipman, Founder, Partner Fluent
Better than good! I love it when someone is so passionate about their sector and is happy to share. - Owen McKee, Sales at Zift Solutions

And one of the more colorful responses at the end of day one,

My face is numb. - Greg Walters, Partner Consultant

Though not officially announced, PartnerHacker and PartnerStack said given the massive success of the event, they are already planning Ecosystem Week 2023.

You can learn more about the event here.

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