PartnerHacker Daily #404: A Framework from 15+ Years In Partnerships

It only adds up in the right order

In partnerships, there’s only one equation that really matters.

Win + win + win

Customer, partner, company.

But the customer win has to take first priority. If they don't win, none of the other wins matter in the long run.

Re-center yourself on the customer. Get them a win first.

4 'C's to better partnering

“But it all sounded so good.”

You bet on a partnership and it didn’t work out. You tried vetting the partner. You thought you were aligned.

But you didn’t account for that one thing.

I asked Bernhard Friedrichs (15+ year partnerships veteran) about a time this happened to him.

He shared,

I saw a company that was really active with their ICP and confirmed that they were a credible partner. I got really excited. Later, I realized I didn’t think about how their core business worked with ours. They didn’t have the infrastructure to sell our product.

Here’s his 4-C Framework to make sure that doesn’t happen again:

C - Customer Base

C - Credibility – Do they have credibility and trust with your ICP?

C - Capability – Is their sales team suitable for what you’re trying to sell? Do they have the right infrastructure to sell your product?

C - Commitment – Do they want this as much as you? What happens if they don’t sell? Why would selling your product become a priority for them?

Bernhard put together this free strategy canvas to help you visualize it.

Check it out!

Partnerships in the Wild

Shoes and food.

I think this is the kind of partnership The Hustle was talking about.

Kizik shoes + Jet-Puffed Marshmallows Partnership

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