PartnerHacker Daily #405: When Moving In Beats Visiting

Market with, not 'to'

To win in a market, you have to be a part of the market.

You used to be able to go to different markets and win in them as a “visitor.”

Today, that doesn’t work.

Every department will need to define what this new GTM looks like, but it starts with partnering.

This is your bat signal, partner pro!

You’re not just building a partner program.

That’s where it starts, but the real goal is to increase the ways your company goes to market with the ecosystem it wants to influence.

How it builds with, sells with, markets with, and retains with your market and its influencers.

One way to market with

Has your team ever tried sending out a survey?

They’re extremely tough to get right, but if you do, surveys can be one of the ultimate forms of co-marketing.

They’re based on data and facts. They allow you to get the exact information you need to make your content stand out. And they’re great opportunities to collaborate with partners.

Pete Caputa shared some thoughts on getting it right. His advice boiled down to two points:

  1. Look for partners who can match your response rate and help you get responses from their network.
  2. Know how to get responses and teach your partners how to do the same.

Listen to Jakub Grajcar’s episode with Logan Lyles to hear how ZenPilot is giving partners skin in the game with their surveys.

Image of the Day

Kristine Stewart asked partner leaders,

“What would your co-sell tech stack look like?”

Here’s a visual of their answers:

Relationship Selling - A Guide to Accelerating the Co-Sell Motion

Check out the full report!

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