Postman Expands Partner Program

Establishing Postman’s Ecosystem Partner Program is another step forward in the company’s journey to empower organizations with APIs. – Smit Patel, Head of Partnerships at Postman

The world's largest API platform, Postman, recently launched its Ecosystem Partner Program. Postman hopes the move will encourage more companies to adopt an API-first approach.

The benefits to joining the program include a dedicated slack channel, access to Postman's engineering team, and customize co-marketing.

Lattice Connect ecosystem enhances people success programs

Lattice releases its partner program, Lattice Connect, in an effort to expand its partner ecosystem. The new Lattice Connect network brings its success management software to more customers, allowing them to grow their businesses.

Lattice customers will easily be able to identify, pre-qualify, collaborate, and drive the performance of their teams.

"By introducing a new partner resource center and comprehensive set of tools, companies around the world will be able to accelerate their people success programs," – Lester Lee, Vice President of Partnerships at Lattice.
Lattice Announces Lattice Connect Partner Ecosystem to Help Organizations Maximize People Success
Lattice, the leading provider of people success software that empowers business leaders to build engaged and high-performing teams and inspire winning cultures, today announced the release of Lattice Connect, a new global partner network that will help clients rapidly accelerate their people success…
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