Size Isn't Everything: How Small Programs Win Big Partners

Partnerships can unlock growth for companies of ALL sizes.

Even if your partner program is tiny.

Even if it's barely a program at all.

How can you compete with the big dogs?

Join an exclusive conversation with some of the best minds in partnerships who have had BIG success at smaller companies.

Get all the stories and secrets to help power your partner program to new heights.

Here's what's going down...

Friday, August 5, 2-4pm ET

2:00 - Going from 0 to 1 with Your Partner Program - Will Taylor, Ben Wright, Adam Pasch
2:30 - How to Land the ‘White Whale’ - Kevin Raheja and Jared Fuller
3:00 - Beyond Spreadsheets - Philippe Swamy
3:20 - Live PartnerUp episode + Q&A - Jared, Isaac, and Philippe
4:00 - Closing inspiration from Kiflo

Join the convo with us!

Some amazing stories will be shared and tough questions answered!

Register for the event.

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