Some Partner Ecosystem Stats from the 2022 PL[X] Summit

Partner Ecosystems are more important than ever.

There is a wave of people all over the world that are starting to see partnerships as the single most important strategy to find, obtain, and retain customers.

In November, we hosted the PL[X] - Partner Led [Everything] - remote experience. We spent five days with some of the best in the biz discussing how partnerships are crucial to every department across B2B companies.

It was a big moment.

Check out some of the stats (thanks to  Clearbit for helping me organize these for free - PLG FTW!)

PL[X] Registrants

Clip from our software showing attendee cout
4,494 registered for the summit in 2022 - the largest ever B2B SaaS partnerships event.

The Ecosystem is Everywhere

World map of attendees
Attendees by country. (You might have to zoom in). Every continent is represented!

Firmographic and Audience Details

Clearbit report visuals
The top leaders from the top startups across all stages are in on the moment.

What story do these stats tell?

I think it proves that we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

It isn’t normal for a six person startup to get 4,494 people fired up for a first of its kind event.

This doesn't just happen because of good execution. It happens because there is a massive and growing hunger in the market for the partnerships strategy. Old direct tactics are getting taxed, companies must do more with less, and people are weary of more aggressive asks instead of genuine gives.

The need for a strategy that works and makes us all feel better about the work we’re doing is do or die. We don’t like living in funnels and we don’t like dragging people through them. Short-term metric chasing at all costs isn’t sustainable.

Writing this up has forced me to think about the last few months from a birds eye view. Our goal has been and continues to be to help facilitate, highlight, and spread the conversations that push us towards a partner-led future.

Thanks for showing up. Thanks for showing the world just how important it is to work together.

We learned a lot at PL[X] this year. We've listened to tons of feedback from attendees and partners (thank you!). We've seen and felt the hunger for conversations and tools to help drive partnerships forward.

To that end, we're working on PL[X] 2023, and I assure you, it will be another big leap for the partner ecosystem.

I hope you'll join us.

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