Stripe Launches App Marketplace

Stripe's App Marketplace launched this week, positioning the payments giant as powerful platform.

With the addition of the marketplace, it's apparent that Stripe doesn't want to leave anything on the table.

Head of product, Bowen Pan, explains the launch:

The idea with the App Marketplace...came out of the observations that the company was making about how Stripe products are used: in short, payments do not come in a vacuum but are part of wider business services flows...Up to now, customers typically have used those tools alongside each other, either building manual integrations or never integrating them at all.

There's a difference between participating as a part of a stack, and owning a stack.

The idea here is to provide ways to help speed all of that up — and of course make it more likely to keep people within the Stripe ecosystem to carry out all business activity.

Stripe wants to own the ecosystem – the full service flow and customer experience.

They've nailed product, brand, community, and imtegrations for years. This is an expected play, and one we expect to see from more category leaders.

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