WhatsApp CBO Who Led $22B Sale to Facebook Now Regrets It

What started as, “No ads, no games, no gimmicks,” turned into, “It is time #deletefacebook.”

Neeraj Arora tells his story in a tweetstorm that strikes a tone of regret over where Facebook took the WhatsApp Platform.

Today, WhatsApp is Facebook’s second largest platform (even bigger than Instagram or FB Messenger). But it’s a shadow of the product we poured our hearts into, and wanted to build for the world. And I am not the only one who regrets that it became part of Facebook when it did.

If the WhatsApp founders are telling us that Facebook's hunger for harvesting data polluted the trust they'd built with users, maybe the era of data at all costs is over.

Perhaps trust is the new data?

We expect stories like this to continue.

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