PartnerHacker Launches the 'Together Network' - Multiple Shows Across B2B

At PartnerHacker, we believe that partnerships isn't a department; it is a strategy that must emanate from every department.  And every department needs its own conversation.

We want to facilitate and amplify those conversations!

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of the Together Network 🎉.

This is a network of shows dedicated to employing nearbound strategies in every department.

We've teamed up with talented leaders across B2B for original content highlighting how the best teams are driving revenue together.

The first two new shows are for marketing and sales leaders:

Both have weekly podcast episodes, a weekly newsletter, and content across social media to keep the convos going.

Look for more shows to roll out later this year for founders and VCs, product leaders, and success leaders.

Share with the marketing and salespeople in your life!

Marketing Together Podcast with Logal Lyles
Click the image to sign up for the Market[ing] Together podcast and newsletter.
Selling Together with Jessie Shipman
Click the image to sign up for the Sell[ing] Together podcast and newsletter.
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