PartnerHacker Daily #112: The Bard Asks

To partner or not to partner

All great partnerships are a two way street, with value flowing both ways.

The problem is gaining value is not the only way to think about partnerships. NOT LOSING to your more partner-centric competitors is also something to consider.

As you're planning your partner strategy don't be afraid to take it a step deeper.

Instead of just asking, "What good outcome will happen if we partner?", also ask, "What negative consequence might happen if we don't?"

Those that think partner first tend to win.


The most successful companies are being built from the ground up with integrations in mind.

Why? Simple:

Full report

Check out this state of integrations and APIs report by Pandium, passed along by Jill Rowley.

Read the full report here.

Video of the Day

Can never take that partner pill too young!

Building on partnerships is ageless

Wish your Marketing and Product leads could speak your language?

Share the Phd so they can catch up on everything happening in partnerships daily!

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