PartnerHacker Daily #130: Can't Break the Rules of Nature

The bidirectional revolution

It's super cool to see the sneaky way in which a simple function like secure data sharing can start to alter strategies, missions, vision, and culture across business.

Sometimes belief in the idea of an ecosystem strategy comes first and implementation follows. (e.g. people reading stuff like Allan Adler's GTE)

Sometimes experiencing the tactics is what starts to form the belief. (e.g. people using partner tech in the trenches)

Need both bottom up and top down!

Partnerships - the power house of the ecosystem

We're not the only ones who think business ecosystems look a whole lot like natural biological ecosystems. Karl Kaiser recently raised some good points regarding the similarities  to biological ecosystems

Business ecosystems work when everyone is working together to delight their customers. They work because no one is trying to do everything alone.

When a hurdle presents itself in the form of a customer need that you truly can't solve, don't try and force a solution.

Instead, introduce a partner that already has the solution to the equation.

That way we all win and make the sell a little more sticky.

Check out Karl Kaiser's post here.  

Karl Kaiser on LinkedIn: #partnerships
When I started in #partnerships, I thought ecosystem was a term from biology. I quickly learned that it is just as much a technological term as it is...

Meme of the Day

Shared by Rick van den Bosch

Know someone that almost took the partner pill?

Send this PhD as a little sugar to help it go down.

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