PartnerHacker Daily #166: Develop Trust

Trust is the solution

Before MarTech, businesses didn't know if their marketing budget was wasted. They couldn't easily track the return on radio, TV, or print ads. They had to rely on brand and reputation to help sell.

Then, MarTech came along. Businesses could identify and track everything about their marketing budget.

But consumers got tired of being targeted and sold to. They've been overwhelmed with ads.

People make purchases based on trust.

Partnerships done right allow you to build trust with those your customers already trust.

Trusting prospects > cold leads.

Humans, not leads. People, not contacts.

Guerilla marketing gimmick, or genuine movement?

Humanatic had a theatrical protest against inhuman sales processes.

Some of those signs sound like stuff partner pros have been shouting for years! Seems like a move in the right direction.

The interesting thing here is the way Humanatic is offering technological solutions to make selling more human.

I don't think this is a contradiction. The more we learn to harness the power of software, data, and automation the right way, the more we can put humans in the driver's seat, and engage with empathy and genuine connection.

This message appeals for a reason.

Humanatic AI took over the streets with their slogans: "Make CRM Human again" and "No Trust No Sale". Check out their video on LinkedIn
Humanatic AI took over the streets with their slogans: "Make CRM Human again" and "No Trust No Sale."


Meme of the Day

Meme. Partner manager reaching out to partner sourced revenue. Channel conflict pulling partner manager back
Thanks to PhD reader Franz-Josef Schrepf for the meme!

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