PartnerHacker Daily #176: Strengthen Your Foundation

Build a strong base

"...if we can build a base and let people build blocks on top to solve hundreds of diverse use cases, instead of just the three or four that we're really good at... then it gets exciting." – PartnerUp #70

If you think in terms of problems you can solve, you're limited.

If you think in terms of problems your partners can solve, things get interesting.

To allow others to solve problems, you need a strong base. Nail the foundation and create systems that are easy to use, expand, and expound.

This goes for software platforms, but it also goes for cultural "operating systems" - i.e. the default way your department works. Get the basics right and create systems that are easy and fun to cooperate with.

The more attractive partners find it to work with you, the more diverse problems they'll start to solve for you.

PL[X] speaker preview: Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen will be delivering our keynote speech at PL[X]!

Image of Anderw Chen at a conference
Click the image to play the announcement.

Chen is a bit of a rock star in the tech startup world. Most of his work, including his book, The Cold Start Problem, is about how to scale complex, network effects companies in an era where information isn't scarce and most products don't have feature moats.

The fact that he's speaking at a conference all about the Partner Led approach to startup growth is telling. It means this whole partnerships thing isn't a niche or an add-on to Go-To-Market strategies. It means some of the best minds believe companies need to be Partner Led from day one.

It means you're in the right place at the right time.

Can't wait to see what Andrew has to share at this summit.


Meme of the Day

ToyStory Partnership meme
Thanks for the meme Daniela Garcia!

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