PartnerHacker Daily #266: Seek Solutions, Not Credit

A partnership is a promise

A partnership is a promise to your customers. It's a promise that you are committed to bringing value to the end customer, even if that value comes from someone else.

It's a sign that you are committed to creating solutions with the best combination of products and services possible.

Send the signal that you care about your customer's needs more than who gets credit and you'll win their trust and business.

*Thanks, Dao Tran, for inspiring this section of today's PhD.

Why co-selling matters

From a sales perspective, I find that many organizations struggle with the concept of co-selling. They don't recognize the opportunity to leverage the ecosystem and work with hyperscalers like Microsoft. – Vince Menzione

The OG of partnerships podcasters, Vince Menzione, was on the Microsoft Partners Innovation podcast. The guests on the show discussed how to strategize and execute a successful Microsoft partnership.

Check it out:

Vince Menzione on MPI podcast
Click the image to watch the podcast with Vince Menzione.

Nearbound is coming...

Outbound is getting worn out, overused, and rendered less effective with spam filters and blockers.

Inbound is turning into noise amidst the infocalypse of ad impressions, content machines, and (soon) AI and bots.

But companies still need to find, connect, build trust, and sell solutions to customers. How TF are we going to do that when these traditional Go-To-Market playbooks are struggling?

By Living-In-Market and by tapping into the power of your partner ecosystem, we drive revenue TOGETHER.

It's a new strategy called Nearbound.

Isaac Morehouse and Jared Fuller are joining forces with Allan Adler, Jay McBain, Jill Rowley, Simon Bouchez to drop some BIG news and roll out some hard-hitting tactics.

We want to help every B2B company drive revenue together with their partners by applying the Nearbound strategy.

Join us for a special LIVE 1-hour event.

Wednesday, February 22, 12 noon ET.

Register here.


  • Special Event - February 22, 2023, 12 PM ET - We're unveiling the biggest news in B2B for 2023. Plus, we're releasing the Nearbound Guide to Account Mapping. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Driving Partner Meetings - Thursday, March 2nd,  11:00 AM (CST). Register here.

Meme of the Day

Partner managers meme.
Thanks for the meme Franz-Josef Schrepf.

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