PartnerHacker Daily #60: Working with Sales

You can't always get what you want

Even though we're in the era of ecosystems, this doesn't always translate into huge budgets and a lots of hires in a partner org. Some companies don't have a partner org at all.

That doesn't mean the you can't still leverage the partnerships moment!

Product, Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales are partner pros waiting to be unlocked.

The partnership approach can be employed by all. You just might need to show them the way.

How to help the sales team work with partners

Some great insight from Aleksi Mattlar in this post.

Meme of the Day

Meme brought to you by the fine folks at Reveal. Unlimited partner account mapping & ROI tracking, for free.

In case you missed it

Check out When to Hire Your First Partnerships or BD Leader by Domenic Perri, who's done it a few times!

Who needs to get partner-pilled?

Pass the PhD along to them.

We welcome all-comers!

PartnerHacker + SaaSy teaming up to help you level up as a partner manager

Discounted early registration ends soon!

This is THE course for partner managers. Get a spot while you can!
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