PartnerHacker Daily #81: Salesforce's Partnership Trillions

Trillions served

Last year, Salesforce published a blog post entitled, 9.3M Jobs and $1.6T in Revenue: The Salesforce Business Partner Ecosystem, and it’s worth a read (if you haven’t already).

Salesforce began paving the way for partner ecosystems years ago, even though they didn’t have all of the data to prove that it would work.

They did it because it seemed right.

In a past PartnerUp episode we talked about nature’s patterns and how working with them is how you fall into momentum that already exists.

Partnerships harness natural momentum.

Blue ocean buy-in

This partnerships space is still a blue ocean.

When people look back on past blue oceans they wish they had gotten in early, but they continue failing to bet on the blue oceans right in front of them.

Blue oceans are short on data and thus lack widespread buy-in.

Adam Michalski from Partnered wrote a great article about getting buy-in.

He offers three tips, but my favorite is:
Paint the Picture of What a Partner Ecosystem Will Look Like (And How It Will Improve Their Lives)

Show, don’t tell.

Telling is data points and bullets. Showing is a story arc, a picture, a vision. When you create a narrative framework showing where we are and where we're going, the data can be nested in that narrative and emphasize it.

Meme of the Day

Thanks Partnered for the meme!

Strength in numbers

More people = more network connections = a stronger network. Share the PhD and let's get more people on board with partnerships.

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