PartnerHacker Daily #96: 1000+ Integrations

Building (and selling) for more than just your customer

You're now building, selling, and supporting for more than just your customer and the immediate problem your product solves.

You're also building, selling, and supporting for all of the other tools, products, processes, and people in their ecosystem.

That can sound daunting. But once you tap into it, it actually relieves some burden. Yes, you need to think outside your company and into the broader customer ecosystem. But you get to narrow your specific solution as you rely on a network of partners surrounding your product that can solve adjacent problems.

Tech integrations study

Pandium did a study on tech integrations.

They wanted to see what the relationship was between SaaS company size and maturity of tech ecosystems.

400 companies later — 100 of the largest SaaS companies, 100 Series D, 100 Series C, 100 Seed stage — and they had 9 key takeaways.

Here were the most interesting 3:

  • Providing a minimum of dozens of product integrations are now required for success in SaaS in most product categories.
  • Don’t just aim to become a technical platform that everyone else builds on. Aim to be interoperable from day one in the way that most benefits the product category and customer base.
  • There’s a strong correlation between open ecosystems and SaaS growth.

Download the full report.

Resource of the Day

We have another podcast for you!

Between Product and Partnerships is a podcast from the SaaS Ecosystem Alliance all about integrated SaaS ecosystems.

Enable the ecosystem

If you want a strong ecosystem, you have to help it get there. Share the PhD with people who add to your network.

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