PL[X] 2022- Day 3: Partner Led [Marketing]

Recordings from Day 3 of PL[X] are below.

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Your guide to the future of partner led marketing begins NOW.
Why every category leader is made through a unique POV and fueled by an ecosystem of individuals and partners that don't work at your company.
How to identify and qualify your top GTM partners.
The biggest macro trends in B2B are disrupting the traditional demand gen frameworks in favor of new flavors, sans traditional funnels.
The latest rage in all of B2B was ABM. But in a world where influence is now distributed amongst ecosystems of partners and communities, what does a targeted and Enterprise-Ready marketing approach look like for B2B leaders?
Learn how to ensure that partners see mutual value in co-marketing opportunities.
Partnerships and referrals deliver the best customers - make sure that your internal reporting reflects this!
Understand the fundamentals of co-marketing, and the pitfalls of solo-marketing.
Leverage influence to drive best in class marketing, profitably.
Customers need to hire consultants and agencies to help them with technology. Learn how to go to market with these service partners to grow your revenue!
Transforming the B2B buying experience through the Cloud.
Community for SaaS brands must remain independent. Trust with members is essential and it dissipates when they feel like they're being sold to (vs helped).
Who doesn’t love a good event? Events are growth catalysts. Elevating your brand, helping people connect, and accelerating revenue. But there’s a secret that most businesses don’t know about. That secret is the magic formula of events + partnerships. Learn why both need to become a strategic imperative inside your organization.
Partnerships is now the #1 growth strategy for SaaS companies, but siloed data for partner and marketing tactics makes it extremely hard to optimize your growth. In this panel, we’ll learn from three companies on how they track, manage, and optimize both their partnership and marketing channels and where they focus their efforts.
These marketing leaders don't go to market alone. They know how to tap the power of their partners and do it better together.
Every company is becoming a media company. Changing consumer behavior around emerging content formats, data privacy laws, and our relationship with social media is creating a renewed focus on owned media -- a powerful strategy for building authentic relationships between brand and audience. Owned media, however, is more than just a new buzzword, but a transformative approach that brings community into the center of how we operate our business.
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