Stripe Launches New Partner Ecosystem

The word "Ecosystem" in this program is no accident. (Maybe someone at Stripe has been listening to PartnerHacker columnist Allan Adler).

Stripe has always been world-class at tech integrations, but something caught my eye about this announcement:

The Stripe Partner Ecosystem comes as companies are accelerating their digital modernization, and increasingly looking for support outside their own organizations. Surging demand for third-party technology and payments expertise has followed, along with growing adoption of SaaS tools, cloud infrastructure, and ecommerce platforms.

(Emphasis added)

Two things:

  1. More companies know that, to win, they have to look outside their walls.
  2. Third-party "expertise", not just tech.

In other words, Stripe isn't just about integrations with other tech tools. That's table stakes. Customers are so overwhelmed with SaaS that they need more than just tools that play nice - they need trusted people who can help them create and maintain that stack.

Trust. Almost like it's the new data.

Check out Stripe's full announcement here.

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