PartnerHacker Daily #69: Ecosystem Exponents

Dealing with exponents

Some information is exponential.

Find that information, and everything becomes easier.

In B2B, that information is usually ecosystems-related.

Identify your ICP, and instead of trying to market and sell directly to them, find who they already trust.

Influence the influencers.

Unlock your ecosystem

Jason Lawson gives some practical thoughts on doing this well.

Click here to see the post

The people, places, and things people trust tells you a lot about them. By focusing on trust, you get closer to the heart of your ICP. Not only do you learn what influences them, you start to learn why those things work.

Understanding the why behind influence leads to more innovation and value creation.

Quote of the Day

Zuck knows something about gaining (and losing) trust...

Create win-wins

Share the PhD with someone who's always sending you information and resources. Return the favor!

The first 1,000

Huge shout-out to the sponsors who helped us cross the first 1k subscribers less than a month after launch!

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