PartnerHacker Daily #70: Standing on Giants

Find your giants

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants
- Isaac Newton

What happens when you’re in a new terrain, and you don’t have many giants?

That’s where we are in this partnerships space.

There are companies that have done partnerships right, and we’re sure to learn from them, but it’s not like sales or marketing where you can take your pick of the hundreds of thousands of giants to learn from.

We might have to get creative.

Oyster case study

Crossbeam is becoming something of a giant in this space.

They recently published an article about how Bruno Guerra Cunha built and scaled Oyster's partner program in a year.

This is a must read.

For anyone who wants the cliff-notes version, here are some of the key points:

  • They saw the move to remote work as an opportunity
By partnering up with complementary products and services, companies such as Oyster could offer more complete solutions for digital nomads through co-selling, referrals, and integrations.
  • They pitched by laying out the why, the proposed starting point, and examples of what it might look like
  • Between 0 and 12 months, they focused on building their partnership ecosystem, building a pipeline of partner-influenced revenue, and building partner marketing motions

Thought of the Day

What if the bulk of your sales and customer service teams weren't in the building or on company payroll?

Stand on the shoulders

Who needs to find more people, companies, and case studies to learn from? Send them the PhD.

The first 1,000

Huge shout-out to the sponsors who helped us cross the first 1k subscribers less than a month after launch!

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