PartnerHacker Daily #125: Trust and the Doors it Unlocks

First Friday event today!

Grab a drink of choice and join the fun in this live event.

Especially relevant if you're a smaller company or smaller partner team.

Register here.

SMS basis

Who has more influence: the person you email Monday morning to schedule a meeting with, or the person you text Sunday night with a quick question?

It's a good way to think about being a trusted partner.

Do your partners feel comfy texting you for honest help, feedback, or fun? Or do they feel you're always operating in an official capacity as a rep for your company who needs to get something from each interaction?

Be SMSable with your partners. Be a real person. Care more about their needs than your solutions.

That's how you win. In life and business.

Time to crack open the biology books (again)

In a recent Substack article, I learned the difference between K selected & R selected species.

It's interesting to think about which type your company leans towards.

R-selected are more distributed, more complex, and more resilient. But the gains are also dispersed.

K-selected are more centralized, simpler, and more fragile. But the gains are concentrated.

There's no right/wrong good/bad here. But the model is useful in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of players in your ecosystem.

The article does get a bit technical but is still more than worth a read. Check it out below.

Check out the full substack here.

Image of the Day

Thanks Allan Adler and Mike Nevin for passing along

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