PartnerHacker Daily #140: Wordy Words and Stories

Lean in to the human brain

Remembering a fact is hard.

Remembering a story is easy.

Stories don't require a lot of brain power. Stories come naturally. We live by stories.

The story of winning by bombarding your "target" market (see how the word implies a kind of attack?) with one-way GTM tactics has worn thin. It's not as believable anymore. People don't like being bombarded.

Now it's time for the partnerships story.

Learning to tell it and live it will not only improve your business, it will shift the way all business is done.

Scaling your partnership ecosystem

Allan Adler recently wrote an in-depth column at PartnerHacker about how to use automation to scale partnership relationships.

He gives a roadmap for how to use the EcoOps framework to flex your partnership muscles to grow your ecosystem.

EcoOps and Scaling Partner Ecosystems
I ran two polls last week on how important it is to automate partner operations - aka EcoOps - and what is getting in the way of succeeding. The results were pretty compelling: * How big is this problem: 75% of respondents said lack of partner process automation is a top

Quote of the Day

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch... go to TikTok or Instagram.”  (Source)

– Prabhakar Raghavan

People are looking to trusted influencers and communities!

Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and forward the PhD to a  friend. ;-)

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