PartnerHacker Daily #145: Bring Value First

A new era

Be a connector and a persuader. Be pathologically helpful.

Business is begging for a new way.

The partnerships era will not be defined by automation.

Automation will free us to focus on higher values.

When we look back, the partnership moment will be defined by trust.

Be trustworthy.

A new pod from your favorite hacker

Our very own Will Taylor has launched a new podcast! Check out the first episode with Ben Wright, and Tom Burgess. They tell stories about how they made their way into the world of partnerships.

Check out Will's podcast, Howdy Partners! on Spotify

Building partnership teams

The Partner Insight Podcast spoke with Jess Romano about building partnership teams.

Here are a few morsels from the show:

  • Look for great relationship managers - people with long-term thinking but great at short-term wins.
  • Seek people who can bob-and-weave as you grow.
  • Don't just focus on profit. Be a place where people want to work.
Listen to the podcast here.

Meme of the Day

Playing uno, draw 25 or never get another partnership lead. Account executive: draws 25.
Thanks, Daniela Garcia, for the meme!

But wait, there's more!

Yeah, yeah, today's PhD is a tad long. But there's just so much good stuff!

In case you missed it, we just released the first-ever comprehensive anthology on ecosystems, The PartnerHacker Handbook. And guess hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories!

Grab a copy for free in PDF and HTML, or purchase at cost on Amazon.

Your kids will love this at bedtime too!
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