PartnerHacker Daily #161: Things That Gain from Disorder

Partnership ecosystems are antifragile

The fragile wants tranquility, the antifragile grows from disorder... – N.N. Taleb, from Antifragile

Unlike machines that break down over time, living systems gain from disorder. When you throw yourself into a new workout, your body gets stronger.

Ecosystems are resilient against loss. If healthy and robust, when one part of the system stops producing, another part grows to pick up the slack.

Funnels and flywheels eventually break down. They need grease and constant repair. But a living, breathing ecosystem gains from disorder.

If your product is embedded in a complex ecosystem, and finds its way to customers through myriad partner channels, it too can be resilient against the failure of any one of them.

Even when it feels disorderly or hard to measure or diagram, a chaotic ecosystem is usually a healthy one.

Partnerships at SaaStr 2022

Our Head of Partnerships, Will Taylor, recently attended SaaStr 2022. He was on a mission to learn more about teams engaging in partnerships.

Check out Will's coverage of partnerships at SaaStr 2022 in the video below.

He gets some hilarious responses to questions on partnerships 🤣🤣.

Will Taylor exploring partnerships at SaaStr 2022

Cool stuff in the partnerships world

Meme of the Day

meme. great partner managers reject a unicorn. great partner managers embrace a balanced ecosystem
Thanks to PhD reader Sam Butcher for the meme!

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